What Does It Take To Be A Crossfit Games Athlete?

they’re tough. not easy tough. most of the people that go to the games are fitness athletes, either runners or olympic lifters or rowers. they train for months or years to get there, and then they keep training at it for weeks after returning home because “crossfit is such a lifestyle and i want this kind of life” (3min 4sec in).

i like this part too:

i ran into ben burnley one day last summer while doing an open workout with all the crossfit athletes from colorado. he was standing around talking to people and i saw him struggle to walk up a flight of stairs and regroup when he overshot a landing by about 3 inches. sometimes you see these people three days or weeks later and their workout level has completely improved because they really did put in years at crossfit athletics before travelling down here. we started talking during our workouts saturday morning about myself coming back from roc reynolds, what other things there were besides lifting weights saved me from getting hurt, developing injuries differently than running did… ever since then i thought it would be good if we went out for beers sometime at some point so we could hang out more than just laugh through workouts together and talk about ourselves as competitors rather than just laughing together afterwards (3:05:27).

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Cross training shoes for men ratings

what does it take to be a crossfit games athlete?


on . According to research, cross trainers are more comfortable than sneakers, but aren’t as padded. This is because of the fact that they are made to mimic running shoes, without the support you get from a shoe with extra cushioning. Because of these characteristics, many female runners tend to prefer cross training shoes while some men do too. The main problem with this type of shoe is that it takes them longer to break in which can put people off if their lack of time means they will have to buy new ones every 6 months. Cross training or fitness shoes for men are not considered by many runners as being ideal for getting started in training so it makes sense that people do find comfort with casual sneakers.