What Does A Vegan Crossfit Talk About First?

The CrossFit Games are here once again, and the only losers will be our bellies. Complete with… Read more

Protein Power! Posted by Buckland on May 19th 2014, in How To Train Your Body. This week I’ve been thinking about protein intake, specifically how much protein I need to be eating each day to stay at peak performance. As you all know I do not get up at 5am for an hour of cardio before work every day, therefore Monday Monday morning… Read more

The Boston Marathon. What can we learn from it? Of course that is a rhetorical question: we definitely can’t learn anything from it because what happened there over the last few days has NOTHING whatsoever to do with this blog post (and also because we’re Boston-plagued ones and all Boston-plagued ones hate marathon blogging). No worries, though: even though these marathons were so far out of my norm-space that they practically qualify as science fiction, let me reflect on what we can take away from them. And please keep in mind I am still reading my email/watching TV/listening to music when writing this post (neither of which is considered good form in my possibly future race coaching career), and my thoughts may therefore not be objectivity super high quality crap; they shall only stink like trail mix after gas station chocolate chip cookies (but clearly they’re delicious trail mix after gas station

Crossfit Open What Happens When You Reject A Score??

If you feel like you got rejected, then I hope that helped. If not, well, there is no easy fix. It’s because the box is an individual experience and as such cannot be replicated blindly by another person. If someone does not like your technique for any reason – it could be because he or she doesn’t want to hurt or damage their joints – they will let you know. So again, what we have done here and how we approach things at Crossfit Open can and WILL vary from box to box and gym to gym based on different factors: what’s going on in each gym that weekend; how much additional coaching people choose to do; whose birthday it is that week; etc. So just stay open to opportunities for personal growth and do your best to take advantage of them whenever they present themselves due to the way it’ll affect your workout performance down the road!

The 15 Best CrossFit WODs For Beginners

what does a vegan crossfit talk about first?


amateurs who want to get started with CrossFit training need to start off slow. You’ve got lots of ground to cover, new skills to learn, and it’s easy to do too much too fast. That means starting off on an intermediate program like the beginner one is the best way for you to get into CrossFit gradually without burning yourself out or overextending yourself (and missing that elusive new PR in your very first workout anyway). The downside is that you may have a hard time qualifying in a few months because it’ll probably take a while before you can knock any benchmarks all the way down. On the flip side,…