What Does 16:6 In Crossfit Mean?

16:6 means you are lifting 16 pounds for six reps. Lifting sixteen pounds doesn’t sound too smart, but it sounds pretty good when you are fatigued. Doing this for six repetitions each will leave you ready to fight another day.

How many calories will I burn doing CrossFit?

We do not know yet the exact caloric value of our workouts at CFHQ, but we estimate that your metabolism will be worked to around an extra half a calorie per minute during any high intensity workout here under the supervision of one of our trainers (understandable as they do offer nutritional advice).

Why Were The Latin America Crossfit Regionals Suspended 2014?

Late last year, the Crossfit Games announced that it would be suspending its Latin America regionals because organizers had failed to comply with a clause in their contract which stated they needed to present a minimum six regionals each year. The regionals were being held from September 23 – 27 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In addition to the Latin America regionals being suspended, Games officials also suspended all other events happening this week as well as those planned for next year as a result of the non-compliance clause. This includes North American and South American regional championships that will be taking place at the end of October and early November respectively. Crossfit discontinued Latin America champion Eddie Perez explained: “I think what’s most important is really getting behind this hard stance on compliance and not treating us like kids anymore. We’re actually adults trying to do our best over here and we need everyone’s support to make sure these events come off without any issues or problems.” In order for there to be an individual Mexican athlete named Ring Girl at the 2014 CrossFit Games athletes must complete an extra 4 workouts prior to traveling down south of Mexico border on game weekend (Which Athletes Qualified) Today, so Crossfit Please Support Our Athletes! Crossfit Please Support Our Athletes! Zárate Training Camp · Learn More & Book Your Spot Today! Find out why you should zárate train with us today! Beginners WOD Warm Up

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what does 16:6 in crossfit mean?


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