What Do You Won If You Win The Crossfit Games?

Getting to be part of the crossfit community, supporting my friends and family members, seeing my kids graduate college. Also getting fat WODs!”

4. What message do you leave behind?

“The Crossfit Games are full of people who are proud to support each other in pursuit of their goals. It does not matter what sport or level you compete at. You should be proud to represent your city and state in any way that you can because this is a community among like minded individuals who spread these values around the world! The message I would like them to take away from me is that they don’t need preconceived notions about someone else’s abilities before working together to achieve their goals. When all athletes get along it makes for an amazing environment where everyone can cheer each other on (and hope no one tears another peoples legs off!). If anyone takes anything away from this please take it with open heart attitude toward others; positive energy spreads faster than negative ones! Lastly, I would like to thank all those people who have supported me throughout my athletic career so far…you guys organized a great tourney in Utah last March…especially knowing how much the weekend meant for me during recovery after ACL surgery!!! I appreciate everything so damn much!! #loveC9 ”

Crossfit What To Do If I Forgot To Submit My Score?

Don’t panic! There is no need to ask your coach for an extension of time. You must be at the workout by 7:45 AM to complete the WOD, but if you are just finishing up, there’s no need to rush. Simply inform your coach that you already completed the WOD and will wait in your car or outside until it is over. Your score will still post to boxrec once completed. If you do forget, don’t settle for a sub-score as this drastically takes away from your overall score which can negatively affect how high up on the leaderboard you end up! Gymnastics Score Changes? As with any other USAW sanctioned event, past results do not transfer over into future events unless otherwise stated on the meet schedule posted by your governing body (USA Gymnastics). For example, scores from a regional championship will not transfer over to a National Championships as those meet specific rules. Scores from open competition may transfer based on each gymnast’s performance in any previous USAW sanctioned competitions Home | Register Now | Athlete Login

Workout of the Day

what do you won if you win the crossfit games?


“Recovery Workout of the Day” is a three-minute, high-intensity interval exercise session that emphasizes higher intensity over longer duration. Follow this routine after each work session or before you go to bed at night. Warm-Up Jump Rope for 150 Seconds 10 Knee Jumps (30 Seconds Each) Row/Jog at Easy Pace (1 Minute) Stretch Warm Up (3 Minutes) Walking Lunges with Lead Leg Stretch (30 Seconds Each) Stiff Legged Deadlift with 2 Second Hold at Glute contraction (30 seconds per leg) Drop Back Push Ups–> Row/Jog at Easy Pace (1 Minute Total). Stretch Cool Down & Flexibility Drill (total time under 90 seconds). Next session will use alternate block of lunges and deadlifts; flexibility drill will be added on next workout if endurance is low. Otherwise stay consistent with lunges and deadlifts throughout week even if you don’t see the desired results. Remember, it takes 12 weeks to develop muscle size! Keep pushing forward against all obstacles! Good luck! Coach Lowkey