What Do You Get With Yoir Crossfit Membership?

A kickboxing class, a bee hangout and a great sense of community. There is one thing your membership doesn’t have though…a gym! So it’s up to you to get out there and sweat those pounds off wherever life leads you.

How much does the crossfit gym membership cost?

By now, most people know that CrossFit gyms are subscription based – There is no money going back into their pockets for delivering this service – they only make money from the monthly fee…and we think that’s pretty cool too. Also see how much a personal trainer costs per session , or an Olympic weightlifting coach.

Who Won The 1-Rm Snatch Event At Crossfit Games 2017?

James Willett (UK), Daniel Kehoe (USA) The long overdue 1-RM snatch event was competed by the top Crossfit Games athletes, including the winner of 2017’s CrossFit Open. This strong competition included Team Scaled athlete James Willett along with his teammate Daniel Kehoe, who surprised many competitors with his impressive second place finish after a wild final round. The Brit went into the final round in first place but ended up being pushed out of contention by Canada’s Chris Bauchler who snatched 164 kilos for an impressive fourth place podium improvement of 51 kilos over last year’s result. For Willett, he brought home two bronze medals to go along with his 2016 silver medal winning performance across both snatch and clean & jerk events respectively. Check out this video recap from DPE at the top end of the 1-RM Snatch event that ran down to super heavy class:

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what do you get with yoir crossfit membership?


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