What Do You Call Someone Who Does Crossfit?

A: A slug

#2. Parkour is an extreme sport where people run and swing on monkey bars. It makes yoga seem like a walk in the park, doesn’t it?

#3. Motivational speaker Tony Robbins is considered one of the best there is when it comes to promoting exercise — his most famous line? “If you do something every day that’s bad for your health — smoking cigarettes, drinking too much alcohol, not sleeping enough — you’ll die prematurely.” So why does he advocate such dangerous things? Because if you don’t do them, there won’t be anything left when you get old! Genius!

#4. You might think this guy has gone completely nuts playing basketball against an invisible opponent: but nooooope, he just refuses to cross over and play defense! He can only defend when he knows who isn’t coming in his way. He really gets into the game becoming so involved with what he sees happening in front of him that his concentration level increases until everything else seems unimportant or even nonexistent. We’re not sure which part of our brain makes matches anymore but we love science nonetheless 🙂

Crossfit How Many From Each Region Go To Regionals?

The answer is that it varies from year to year. In 2015, there were from 9-10 teams from Oregon and a few teams from Arizona going to regionals. In 2014 the number was even higher at 11-12 teams going making for 8 or so in each region. These numbers have been dropping because states have clearly shown they will work to support their local team instead of allowing them to grow and compete on a larger national stage this year with only two teams qualifying in both divisions (one of which received a wildcard). If you notice, I’ve modified these percentages just slightly by not including the previous years since that data isn’t readily available. 2016 Pacific Northwest Region Qualifications 1st Place – CrossFit One World Crossfit 2nd Place – CrossFit Mayhem CF 3rd Place – CrossFit SugarHouseNYC 4th Place – Iron Works 5th Place – Wasatch Mountain Crew 5th Place – #teamoverdragon 6th Place -The Masters Theory 7th Place- The Fling 8th place -Shed 7 8th place -Crossfit Aim High At Heart 10 th place -Northeast Zone 10 th place -Paul’s Insanity Radio Training Center(Pittsburgh) 14 th place

CrossFit Fade

what do you call someone who does crossfit?


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