What Do They Get For Winning The Crossfit Invitational Prize?

They get a free pass to any crossfit contest, and the jacket for those boring gym workouts.

Are you serious? You are joking right? And what qualifies them to judge someone they don’t know that well enough to call out names at the end of the competition every time they win? The whole point of this sport is to learn how far your body can go in ways you never imagined, not judging by looks or stereotypes. That’s why my 9 yr old son isn’t allowed in most schools with these kind of misinformed judgmental types. He was extremely embarrassed when one girl called him ugly at cheerleading tryouts because his face wasn’t “pretty.” This reminded me of my mother said something similar when I had my braces on, even though nobody else knew through being inside my head!

Here are some comments from people who have competed with Nichollsons:

“My first class was difficult since he cheated but when i got back into it he started lifting me up higher than i ever did before without thinking about it just made better forms so fast so i really enjoyed learning from him!” – Wendy Sutter Kettner, CA USA 12-27-15

“Loved this workout so much!!! It was awesome training with Dave!! Kept me humble and focused! We were all doing squat jumps in between rounds!!” – Riley Youngs Austin Texas 6/10/16 great coach”loved this workout so

Crossfit – How Do You Beat Rich Froning??

– CrossFit – The best 40-year-old male bodybuilder in the world and the most decorated weightlifting coach/trainer is giving $100,000 to a team that can beat him at his own game. In true Rich Froning style he gave away half of what will secure this entire process from inception to final results video by rafaeli”Get Ready To Die..lol This is all they have on me..lol!” – It’s been a very rough month for former CrossFit Games competitor Jonathan “Jibby” Dombrow. First came a bombshell announcement from a site called “Contest Hype” which revealed, among other things—roughly translated from Brazilian Portuguese—that Jibby had acquired performance enhancing drugs. After consulting with his doctor, Jibby decided to take two 15mg doses himself per day prior to competition before self-reporting all samples collected as part of his pre competition prep program back into the system. The failed test was an unfortunate but necessary drug test that not only exposed possible cheating but jilted fans who’d followed Jibby’s athletic career since the early days of the CrossFit Invitational.”I’m going with Rich Froning based on a lot of things I’ve seen over my time working for IFBB – people respect him because he has promised so much and done so little. How do you beat him? No one knows. There isn’t anything like that anywhere else

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what do they get for winning the crossfit invitational prize?


Det har vært en del blogging tidligere, både på bloggen min tilbake i 2013 og da jeg var “tørr” i fjor. Blogging er nok for meg den gode vennen som smiler når du er trist eller bare trenger å klinker av litt mens du ser på tv. Det siste blir det ofte, men jeg merker at jeg kommer til å ta flere timer i løpet av desember forhåpentligvis – dette blir noe jeg skal jobbe med 🙂 Men når jeg tenker over antall minutter som er brukt på blogging de siste 6-7 mndene vil vi altså helst ikke tro… Nok blogger penger, men jo rett og slett tregere folk er jo tynnere 😉 Men sannheten er at de fleste legger ut alt snart (!) – Fikk et tips fra Svalin om å legge inn fremtidige datoer med mora mi også 🙂 Bare som det irriterer meg litt; Og ja; spillet betyr spansk dominans over andre spratnetter 😉