What Do The Two Numbers Mean On The Crossfit Leaderboard?

Let’s say you are an elite crossfit athlete and you want to improve your time at the box. You would train so hard and focus on everything but the result: your performance. So after a while, you get bored and come up with games to keep yourself motivated.

CrossFit has developed something called leaderboards. The leaderboard is just a list of ranking individuals or groups that all work out together, but anyone can get on it by finishing in the top X percent of their competition (which usually happens at different times). Once someone places top 50%, they’re placed on the Progression Board until they place top 51-100%. At this point an annual fee is required for continued access to further progress boards, which I’ll discuss later.

This sounds great for athletes and mass-market appeal (hey look over there — WE’VE MADE A MOVIE), but how do we know if we should trust these numbers? What if we got our numbers from other CrossFit gyms across the country? Is everybody “accounting” for everyone else? Also what about those who don’t pay? Or maybe it should be free because why wouldn’t any one want to be number one!? #c2b4hnzwz6m7qaf#

How Much Do You Win At The Crossfit Games?

Well, one athlete will win $250,000 and become World Champion for the first time. That much money is enough to make most people quit day jobs and move to another continent (sans all of their possessions). And many athletes will end up making a hefty portion of that amount in prize money during their Crossfit Games career. Each year’s winner also walks away with about $20,000; we run that by you: $100,000 for winning the Regional competition—enough to put together a comfortable life after your competitive days are over. $40,000 for winning the Open competition —enough to build an office at your startup before moving onto bigger things (if you can afford it).


what do the two numbers mean on the crossfit leaderboard?


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