What Do The Numbers Mean On The Crossfit Games Leaderboard 2016?

The athlete with the highest total score from a CrossFit Games event is awarded a gold metal for their performance. This stands in contrast to the traditional method of awarding medals for each, which points to an individual’s performance at this year’s games. In other words, if you won your age division during any round of the Open, but received fewer points than another competitor who did not win his or her respective category, then that competitor would receive a gold medal. Since it only counts each category once and the maximum possible score is 1640, earning a sole victory in your initial category can stand out among competitors who did not place as well as it might have appeared on paper.Even though there were 1,000+ athletes that competed last Sunday in both male and female divisions at RipItUp Barbell Club NH to test their fitness and skills against one another, nothing will be decided until September 24th when all categories are tallied up at Lenz Outdoor Stage 10am-1pm Central time-daylight savings factor applies so Daylight Savings Time doesn’t have much of an effect on either 1st or 2nd Place Awards since competitors don’t start arriving here til later in the morning depending on where they come from. Even though I am not competing myself (I will be scoring) I know how important “first place!” is to many people considering this year there is NO GOLD METAL (again) determined by leading wire OR leading weekend

Where Did Dave Castro Place In The 2017 Crossfit Games?

With all the power in this year’s Crossfit Games, it’s easy to forget that in previous years, Dave Castro had to come from behind or at least outplay his competition. He did both in 2017. Starting in 2015, Castro was simply a third-place finisher in Miami, placing 6th. For 2016, Castro upgraded his Nike shoes for Cleto Reyes V2s and nearly doubled his points output finishing 3rd after Marvin Castetanos was disqualified due to an athlete using a cell phone during testing sessions. Castro took the win by only 2 points over Patrick Vellner who placed 1st overall for real estate agent Dave Castro “It’s something I need to do better at but have gotten much better at over the last two years,” he told me back then.” I could have won with less intensity but wanted to finish strong.” It was similar story last year when he wasn’t able to get on the podium again until the final day of competition; this time coming up short again by only 4 points (this time next door) this time against Renee Romano who also missed out advancing past Day 1. This is where Castro goes into what will likely be another dominant performance sometime next year – via yet another drastic improvement (it seems like every other season). Barring unforeseen circumstances (doubtful), we’re betting he’ll find himself on top of that podium somewhere next February, 2019.


what do the numbers mean on the crossfit games leaderboard 2016?


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