What Do People Mean When They Talk About Blocks In Crossfit?

‘You haven’t really got the skill set’ it’s nonsense, people don’t seem to know what crossfit is really about. As far as I’m concerned anyone that doesn’t achieve their goals has failed at CF not because of any physical issues or strength deficiencies but because they didn’t try hard enough. The sport itself is easy for everyone to do, it just takes attitude and effort to push past your comfort zone properly.”

On his own future plans: “I need to sort myself out in terms of what I want from life; work has always been my life. If one day I lose interest in fitness (even though I enjoy coaching) then hopefully spending more time with family will reinvigorate me again!”

How Did Greg Glassman Come Up With The Crossfit Name?

Greg Glassman and Crossfit HQ co-founder, Paul Anderson started the company when they attended a workout in Santa Cruz, California. After that workout, Greg and his friend Bill Jefferiss decided to create a workout that would push themselves out of their comfort zones and force them to use all of their fitness equipment in one setting. That night resulted in what is now known as the “Fitness test” which has become the defining trait for what makes CrossFit such an amazing program. There are three main pillars of CrossFit: physical preparation (Ascend), training (Acclimation) and competition (Exertion). It also very important to note that no matter who you are or where you live, there will be other athletes around you with similar goals and aspirations for health and well being. This creates a community that continues to evolve at an increasing rate throughout each day. Why Is The Name Of The Company So Important? The name came about by accident when Greg was attending his first official cross fit training session in 2001 after searching around for something he could add to his Frequent Miler membership fee payment plan because he bought into it so much prior to trying it out himself. In the beginning, Glassman called it “The Box” but soon changed his mind when he saw how enthusiastic other people were towards CrossFit while watching competitions from satellite TV channel sites across Europe back then on a laptop computer screen using a dial up

CrossFit Workout Plan

what do people mean when they talk about blocks in crossfit?


: Obstacle Course. Run, walk, jump and climb in this challenging obstacle course to test your fitness and endurance. Mad multiplier: add extra workouts elsewhere in the week. Day 24: Rest day or “mini micro-cycle” when you can do absolutely nothing for 48 hours that is still within the normal training pattern of when you could be lifting weights: no running, gym visits, eating carbs and drinking reps… only water and coffee! I like using a rest day after a tough WOD to help flush out any fatigue or inflammation in my shoulders by swimming laps in the pool, doing some yoga poses I picked up from Kyle Kingsbury’s YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/user/kingsbskyschool), deep breathing exercises (you may find stretching useful as well as foam rolling) that will also bring blood flow to those muscles; then maybe an ice bath is all that’s left on my schedule before bedtime.