What Do Occupational Therapists And Crossfit Have In Common?

The premise behind crossfit is that you can get in incredible shape, even if you are not the most talented at the sport. So it made sense to me to believe that I could get into my PT school without any athletic ability—this can’t be true right? Well, yes and no. After seeing an ad on TV for a PT job in another state, I called them up to see if they had openings. They did have one opening in their current program in Seattle but were in need of more physical therapists–and they didn’t want people who wanted to just move there for the cheap rent. The therapist had already started when I applied just out of interest–hey, why not? It never crossed my mind that being fit would be an advantage or that I wouldn’t fit with the job requirements.

Once we set up this interview we then got into all sorts of details about what packages they offer and how weekends off work etc…I wasn’t expecting much since this was a new industry and everything was still kind of new (and against corporate rules) but after 1:1 session and talking to other people who worked here I found out it was actually pretty great! Everyone I met loved working here, every therapist knew everyone else really well, which is rare because you never get friends like coworkers at other places where everyone keeps their lines of work separate (except competing).

So if you get offered something unexpected like this–

How Much Does 5 7 Crossfit Woman Weigh?

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what do occupational therapists and crossfit have in common?


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