What Did Greg Glassman Do To Start Crossfit?

CrossFit Journal Director Greg Glassman started CrossFit in 2000, when he was 23. He said the idea to open the gym came from an article in Esquire magazine about a young naval officer named James FitzGerald who had become obsessed with strength training and wanted to do something different after returning home from service in Somalia. Glassman read about FitzGerald’s idiosyncratic path back to health and thought it could be replicated for any type of athlete on any diet or fitness program that they wished. “I thought if we could tap into that one single activity that has people getting more fit than they ever have been before, on such strong principles,” he wrote in his autobiography on the training method , “then I could affect more people than just him and his little group of friends rather than healthy elite athletes. It became so much bigger than me. It turned into this big movement — not just here but around the world.” How did crossfit get started?

What is crossfit training?

German Vegan Vaping Atheist Engeneer Who Does Crossfit?

It’s Like, You Know, A Really Good Vape! I’m Sure We All Are Going To Love Him For That Polish Vegan Vaper Who Does Crossfit? It’s Like, You Know, A Really Good Vape! I’m Sure We All Are Going To Love Him For That When he woke up to find himself in a hospital bed, his left leg and pelvis were shattered. He broke both bones in the right leg and broke eight ribs on that side. His liver was ruptured and both lungs had collapsed. This happened after he tried to break through the window of a building using plexi-glass marked “Caution: Glass” and threw himself out of it with such force that his body spun around 360 degrees before landing back inside the house unbroken – except for 11 broken ribs. So when we say Evan messed up , we mean it literally… 😉

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what did greg glassman do to start crossfit?


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