What Crossfit Workout Is 21-15-9 Of Thrusters And Pull Ups?

The 21-15-9 workout is a CrossFit benchmark workout based on thrusters and pullups. It’s one of the most popular workouts you’ll find in any fitness program, but what exactly does it entail? Here’s a quick rundown:

Pull-ups: The first two sets are for reps of 20 each, with the last two sets being 15 each. In between, however, is a transition period when you perform dips that add up to 9 reps per set. Once you’ve finished four rounds for that set, you move on to the next exercise card. Do one more complete round in addition to your total number of dips in each row, and continue until all eight exercise cards have been completed in full—that’s one full cycle.

Who Is The Crossfit Girl In The Driven Commercial?

Sierra King often said, “the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.” Maybe it’s time you followed Sierra’s example. The Crossfit Girl in the Driven commercial looks pretty cool, but are you really excited for this workout? 1 She Doesn’t Get Much Sleep Apparently If someone told you they got less than four hours of sleep a night, would you be interested in joining them for an early morning workout? Not likely. It seems like your body really needs at least 8 hours of sleep before it can do anything productive.15 Hours Of Exercise Is Enough To Make Anyone Fat Not being able to give yourself enough rest will not only ruin your day — it’ll definitely take its toll on your body.36 Things That Will Help You Lose Weight Every Woman Should Quit Having Sex For A Month Are You As Fit As Tom Brady? Here are just some of the fitness perks that come along with being Tom Brady’s teammate. Are you up to par?38 Random Bodybuilding Facts That May Surprise You The Bottom Line Don’t let the attention-grabbing ad fool you: if this is how hard these women work in their daily lives (and we’re not saying that it isn’t), these workouts will seem like a walk in the park when compared to what they do when focusing solely on their health and fitness goals.


what crossfit workout is 21-15-9 of thrusters and pull ups?


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