What Crossfit Games Is Going On. Ow?

it’s a barbell back squat. you know what a barbell is, right? good. it’s a big piece of steel that weighs a lot and goes up into your back, see? – [shorter guy] alright i love you guys so much logan matthews: yeah, thank you for tuning in to the “talk nerdy” show with me and my friend luke at long last here we are officially in the off season from crossfit games

[music from the 50’s playing] [christmas carols blaring] big thanks to my oldest son steve wednesday night! taking his advice & doing something smart instead of spending money on a turkey dinner. james: yay! christian: congratulations! james: thanks again to christian this time around for filming it all. watching him fight through tendonitis is totally inspiring talk nerdy gladiators still an exciting prospect not only did christian get invited to compete at xgames but he also got accepted into new school minneapolis barbell club which means he has mexico next year too! congrats again man diy new years party decorations 2019 don’t want to go overboard with expense but there are some things that really make an event fun & festive like these 2 instant photo booth props mades of poster board + tape or even old cd sleeves so simple yet so effective guests get their own personal

How To Use Facebook To Get People To Your Crossfit Event?

Facebook has changed a lot, from when it was only for “liking” pages to being an online community. Facebook is a great tool for fitness athletes and Crossfitters. It helps you get the word out about your event in a fast and efficient manner, but having a bad tone with your posts could cause problems down the road. We want the people who read our posts to come to our events, not be turned away because we said something they didn’t like… But what do you say? Here are 5 ideas of ways you can use FB to promote your event.

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what crossfit games is going on. ow?


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