What Crossfit Exercises Bulk And Which Ones Do Not?

While yes, you should definitely start by doing the foundational movements and familiarize yourself to them, there is no limit to the complexity and variety of exercises and movements one could perform. Do what works for you and remember: “No two bodies are alike.”

Should I take a personal trainer with me to my first class?

Yes, absolutely! While finding a beginner friendly crossfit gym may increase your chances for success, if you’re looking to enroll in a CrossFit Affiliate or find a longer term workout partner then it’s best that they attend as well. Be sure not to disclose anything about your fitness goals though otherwise we may inadvertently steer you away from options that would work for you — we don’t want people feeling underwhelmed or pressured (or worse discouraged) by their results. Ultimately, we believe in making it as easy as possible for everyone who has an interest in fitness whether it be recreational or competitive — so ask questions before getting started; after all, those answers could make all the difference!

Why Crossfit Doesn’T Really Use The Bench Press?

I can remember when I first got into Crossfit. The program was not nearly as comprehensive as it is now, and the “main lift” still was the traditional barbell bench press. Now that I’m older, wiser (ha!), and more educated (I mean wise), I know better than to make this mistake. Crossfit is riddled with progressions of not only lifts like squats, pull ups, pushups and rowers but also tons of explosive exercises like box jumps, running suicides or burpees! Why would anyone be worried about doing supplemental work with worthless heavy presses? With all these explosive drills you don’t need them to build muscle. Just because specifically designed movements are included in your workout does not mean you have to do them specifically. When each drill is performed correctly you will see profound results even on off days for conditioning purposes. For instance after my first time jumping over an obstacle course my gym scores jumped 200 points on Jim Stoppani’s performance test! You don’t need anything fancy to get gains!

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what crossfit exercises bulk and which ones do not?


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