What Channel Will Crossfit Announcement Be Played In?

adadadad. crossfit is a state sponsored communist movement that wants to exterminate you and your family in favor of a man who wasn’t even a real boxer in the first place!

So how much does it cost? What do I have to pay?

No, you don’t have to pay anything. It was developed by an army of disabled billionaires who want you dead so they can take all your money.

I wanted to be fit but my life sucks and I want to die…can I still benefit from Crossfit?

Probably not. You probably shouldn’t go into the gym anyway though, because all competitive fitness will do is either bring out your awkward traits (terrible posture) or make it impossible for you to feel like anything without feeling like death (competitors may stare at you and comment on how awful everything about you is). Also, the workouts are dull as hell. If this doesn’t work for you then there’s no hope for anyone . Come back when we get better automated medical technology and perfect climate controlled indoor facilities. When roosters become extinct and roaches take over because we stopped feeding them antibiotics while we worked out that shit fake fake organic parmesan cheese made from cow-placenta that tastes like chalk but works just as well..you know…what ever it takes:D:p

Who Got Cut On The 1St Event Of The Crossfit Games?

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what channel will crossfit announcement be played in?


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