What Athelets Are Doing The Crossfit Open Announcement For 2016?

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250 Clean Episode 35: The Movement Special As we head into the CrossFit Open on Sunday, we discuss what’s going on with the Games so far, the importance of people moving, and why we keep doing it Join us as we talk about everything from this weekend to… Free View in iTunes

251 Clean Episode 34: Liz is BACK! It’s been a while since you could hear Nick & Liz On The Grid. Today they are back for an exciting episode discussing Regionals Qualification, CrossFit Kids Day at Titans East, CrossFit Invitational News including comments from Dave Castro,… Free View in iTunes

252 Clean Episode 33: Toney Fungus Is Back Making sure you don’t miss another show tune-in Thursday night at 10pm ET/PT to see Toney Fungus LIVE on Facebook or HERE on www.OnTheGridPodcast.com! Our podcast is LIVE now 3x per week…one each Friday morning at 8am before… Free View in iTunes

253 Clean Episode 32: SuckSugar Follow Up We have finally gotten our follow up visit with Nicky Guerrero over at SuckSugar which you can read here http://www.sucksugarshow.com/2014/03/18/nicky-guerreros-love-story-crossfit/. This man has become something that even helps us move…. Free View in iTunes

What Do You Do When You Get Level 1 Crossfit Certificate?

The Crossfit Level 1 certification gives you a general understanding of the basic movements required to do many of the moves at a regular Crossfit class. Many classes range from 5-15 minutes depending on what is needed for each workout. Some classes require an extremely high level of skill and coordination, which means you would be wasting your time going to those workouts! But overall, it will teach you how to do most of the exercises in a fitness program, without training too hard. Even though this is not an advanced certification level, don’t think of this as just some type of backwater “fitness boot-camp” either! You can still gain tremendous benefits by attending these types oof classes with fellow athletes! Plus it’s free so why not give it a shot? What Type Of Physical Conditioning Is Required To Be Successful At Level 1 Certification? Physical conditioning plays an important role in development of performance competencies that are required for successful completion at Level 2 or Level 3 courses offered by several USAW sanctioned Crossfit affiliates around the country including Crossfit Eastbay (East Bay), Crossfit San Francisco (Fillo Valley), Bricktown CrossFit (Scotts Valley) and CaliCrossFit (Los Angeles). As such, if one is interested in successfully completing the course successfully one must possess good aerobic capacity & cardiovascular endurance along with solid strength base.


what athelets are doing the crossfit open announcement for 2016?


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