What Are Those Masks That Crossfit People Wear?

I just asked — what the hell is that?

Feels like we’re in a weird time, and even though this feels like it’s happening on our side of the world, I feel like it really deserves to be documented and talked about and investigated and explored more than we’ve been allowed to do. We live in such a now-is-everything-we’ve-ever-wanted culture now so now is everything we want. But the truth is there’s people who have lived here for thousands of years. And maybe if someone researches those people they’ll figure out some stuff as well — but we know more.

And that can’t be — your family comes from these Native American ancestors — was that who you thought of when thinking about this project? Was it how ‘indigenous’ felt to you? How did you go about decoding one another and creating something new together? Is that where all of your knowledge came from or is this kind of collaboration something new?

I don’t understand how any African American woman would not think about her ancestry with each performance she gives! It’s insane, man… Like my mom talks with me every single day. My mom knows exactly which song I’m going to perform next sometimes days before I tell everybody else within minutes… So for me it was never “Indigenous” because obviously I come from folks who are indigenous first, so being able to represent them first has always been important to me right off the bat—

Where Can I Watch Crossfit Open Wod 19.1 Online?

Crossfit Open Wod continues to be the most watched series online. Crossfit Open Wod 19.1 Live Streaming can be found on NBC Sports. It’s also available for Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick/TV & Android devices for free! How Long Has Crossfit Open Wod Been Streaming? Crossfit Open Wod has been streaming online since 2009 and is an annual event that takes place in Madison, Wisconsin at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Alumni Union Dome Backyard Dome. The 2018 contest will take place April 23 May 1 with the final round taking place on Saturday May 5th, 2018 at 7:30 PM CDT.

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what are those masks that crossfit people wear?


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