What Are “Dough Boys” In Crossfit?

i’ve always seen them with the skateboard wheels…

road rower – ZZZ said on 16/May/17

He’s currently listed at 6’1.5″ which makes him around 90 pounds (300 pounds in six pack form). He has about 25 pounds of that body fat, which gives him a good 15 pounds of lean mass. His bulk is very low compared to most crossfitters, but he looks like he’s got some muscle presence. I think if you compare his appearance against other WNBA players they would all be within about an inch of each others height and I don’t see why anyone would call out Jordan for being shorter than she claims. Maybe this pic helps:

I read an article last year where Shaq said she never had problems entering doorways because she didn’t need her head pulled back due to her height, so maybe that explains it? Still baffles me how everyone seems to think that basketball players are even close to the same weight as professional athletes in other sports. Oh well…

truth said on 12/May/17

6ft1 maybe 6ft2 tops ….very long limbs give illusion of more height ..anyway people debating stature please dont even bother GV himself has defined himself on what he does not need or want by choice not determination ..bad posture basketball related leading etc ect ect I am neither body positive nor negative here its my opinion..your welcome hermano lol glad

Why Is Greg Glassman Never At Crossfit Games?

Everyone assumes that Greg Glassman is at every single CrossFit Games, but in reality he won’t be there. Greg Glassman only attends the opening ceremony (he says it’s to make sure people are behaving themselves, because no one wants an escort outside) and the closing ceremonies when he needs to introduce someone new. Oh yeah, and his wife does too! She works at the main arena. But Wait… There Are Other Stars At Every Session? Yes! Besides Dave Castro and peppy girls with horses, you’ll also see special guest stars like Steven Seagal or Bjarne Riis! It seems they all just show up whenever the event organizers ask them to come over for a little chat about how much fun it all must be. No stressful hours of rehearsal here–just press play on your favorite old workout without missing a beat!

Crossfit Workout For Beginners Workout Videos Just

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posted a video workout routine for beginners to get started with. This is a full body workout routine, suitable for men and women, they all count towards the overall total so you can build up towards 10 reps in each set. You might want to play around with the exercises a bit before training with them… Read more CrossFit Workout For Beginners Workout Video Just posted my new beginner’s Crossfit workout video above. Hope this helps any of you wanting to get into crossfit or just want to add some variety into your workouts! The only equipment needed is your own body weight & some sort of barbell… Read more