What Am I Doing This Week? Crossfit! Meme?

i had a few meetings with some of my new clients on Monday. i already kind of screwed myself out of some business as far as client-initiated contact, though i got the first one to call me on Wednesday after realizing what i had done…so maybe it isn’t so bad?!?

yesterday started normal with the usual late lunch and our late inspection. suddenly, at 4:30pm which is unseasonably early for us both, we were asking if we could go back to work! apparently our thought process was “i sent joe home because mommy needed her rest today…and now that she’s rested, she can be very productive!” probably not quite right but close enough. you don’t want to waste that time!!

i will just say that yes indeed it felt really good to get into two pieces of cardio before dinner (ok, donuts…) … even though my mileage wasnt much over 30%. this proves how well i sleep every night which makes me wonder sometimes if it’s possible for you to ever come down off mountains after they are climbed…because jogging up them doesn’t renew your energy; it must take more than that.

Who Turns His Gf’S Ass Into A Personal Crossfit Gym???..?

– The Frisky If you are looking for an amazing ass workout routine, Marissa Mayers fitness Instagram is the one for you. This beautiful hottie works out with her butt regularly to get it “ripped” to perfection.. Fit tip : We all have days when we don’t want to work out, especially on our butts. Luckily, there are ways that you can incorporate light workouts into your busy schedule without making yourself crazy! For example, pick up the dumbbells and do 3 sets of 15 squats each leg. This will still be a great stress relief break instead of sitting on your couch all day.. Does not mean I am much better than other girls in proper shape or anything like that because I certainly am not. I always say this… When I look at my husband’s butt (he has a professional job where he wears dress pants ALL THE TIME), my heart melts and fills with gratitude that he didn’t wait until after kids were born to take care of himself..

Strength and Physique

what am i doing this week? crossfit! meme?


There is nothing more frustrating than trying to finish a workout only to find that you are way too fatigued or that all of your muscles are not firing on all cylinders. This mostly occurs when you avoid training for several weeks or even months after an injury has healed. You’ll need to allow some extra time in the gym for this particular muscle group, but if you can stay with it, these exercises will make up the bulk of floor-based workouts . Upper Body Strength and Flexibility After completing some type of high-intensity strength circuit like those outlined above, I also like to spend two days per week hammering out heavy sets on my upper body pressing movements (close grip bench, overhead press, etc.). Just pick whatever pressing movement you’re most comfortable doing and hit it with as much weight as possible for 3-4 sets of 6-10 reps. You’ll need to do this twice per week for at least one session, which is why I call them “heavy presses” rather than calling them “strength presses”. Upper Body Muscular Endurance Although these have no direct performance benefit once powerlifting meets are over , athletically speaking endurance raises your total system fatigue threshold so that you don’t come crashing down during the last few strides right before hitting the Power Clean at 300+ pounds . This will give you superlative recovery ability towards your weakest lifts since