This Is What Doing 6 Months Of Crossfit Looks Like – And It’S Not What You’D Think?

18.2 was 6 months ago – 6 months of intense training I’d say… people are stronger, more flexible, leaner…”

He even posted a photo on Instagram showing off his shredded physique … but this left me genuinely concerned. I recently saw police carry out an arrest for assault after somebody’s girlfriend accused them of punching her in the face – images like that do not bode well for crossfitters, especially if she can get key evidence to back up her story.

My concerns were compounded when I then read that he had also filmed himself pushing his wife down the stairs. If you’ve got any doubts about your personal strength it maybe best to stay away from anything involving being physically abusive towards other people!

How Many Calories Do You Burn In An Average Crossfit Workout?

I don’t have an answer for this, but I did some research on it so here are my findings. Don’t get your hopes up too much though! First of all Crossfit does not test you in the same way as lifting weights so there is no standard workout protocol to measure how many calories you burn lifting weights. The closest thing that they have come up with is someone using Base Metabolic Rates to calculate the total calories burned during a workout. This system uses your body weight and height to determine what your BMR is. WHat’s within reason, assuming the person used correct form, should be around what most people burn just laying in bed without doing anything at all. So if you work out three times per week for 12 weeks at 50% of your calorie needs (2,200 calories) then multiply this number by 22 to find how many calories you were really burning while exercising. With Crossfitter’s metabolic rates being around 2% lower than the general population4 this would mean that they are actually burning closer to 4kcal/per session or more if their are heavy lifts or sprints involved, but let’s assume that someone weighing 150 lbs burns 3400 cal per week surrounding prep/recovery activities on top of regular workouts making 6035 kcal/week which means they probably eat somewhere between 10-13 cal per pound based on caloric intake calculations taking into account recreational activity 4 Don’t Assume That You Are At Your Cal

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this is what doing 6 months of crossfit looks like - and it's not what you'd think?


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