Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Crossfit?

so i’ve been crossfit training for a while now, and one of the things that i wish i knew when i started was how to be efficient with my time in workouts. without getting too philosophical on you guys, here is a kind of “cheat sheet” for how to efficiently put together a workout program.

1. Understand your goals: what are you trying to do in life? or in athletic terms, why do you want to go into crossfit? there may not be a perfect answer to this question in a conversation- so take some time and think about it! different people have different goals when they begin their fitness journey- many will lean towards weight loss but most will start out wanting strength and conditioning or core strength/body composition changes… either way, don’t let anyone push you towards anything other than what you ultimately want. understand your goals and stick with them. 2. Write them down: if for no other reason than just clarity purposes, write yourself goals down every once in awhile and look back at them later- keep these goals simple and visualized! 3. Build success: consistency matters!!! we all know that someone who drinks every day is gonna stay drunker longer vs someone who only does it occasionally….why? because after the first time they get drunk (or takes their medicine) they feel like shit the next day (especially if its something like adderal/caffeine!) try drinking water instead of sodas

Reddit Men What Gymshark Shorts Are Good For Crossfit?

If you work out at the gym, you know the struggle of packing your stuff into a locker. Many gyms have people helping with this chore, but there are also big sacks of laundry hanging around. And most workout clothes don’t fit well in lockers because they’re meant to be worn outside of them. That is why these trendy gym shorts by Gymshark are great for working out. They come in slim cut style you can wear with your sports shirt, sweatpants or skinny jeans without any problem! The little pockets on the side are great for storing your toiletry capsules and even snacks after workouts . The material is super comfortable too since it doesn’t pull or irritate your skin when exercising with them on. There is also an elastic band that fits snug around the waist so that they stay up during activity! This looks really good for enhancing physical appearance as well as keeping themselves clean . As one reader mentioned ‘They were kind of sexy actually…I could see women who didn’t want their husband looking over her shoulder being all naughty & what not wearing these things to class…they would definitely draw attention from men who didn’t like it I am sure! lol….and she was talking about yoga/class not necessarily cross-fit training (it had nothing to do with yoga). She had hardly worked up a sweat & was wearing black pants….she ended up coming home & putting another pair on


things i wish i knew when i started crossfit?


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