Training For A First Time Half Marathon For Beginners

Marathons will allow a person to test their abilities and fitness levels. They will need to train for months so they will be able to finish this race and complete their goals. Many people want to run a marathon but do not know where to begin in their training. They may not have worked out for a long time or they do not have the endurance to finish this event. There are some ways that a beginner can train for a marathon and build up their body for the event. They will be able to see the event to the finish.

first time half marathon training

How Long Should You Train for a Marathon

The ideal time to train for a marathon will vary based on your physical condition and how long you have will need to take to get back into shape. Training should last between 14 and 30 weeks. The average training time is around 20 weeks. This will allow you to build up your endurance. You may need to start slowly if this is your first race. Over these 20 weeks, your body should adapt to the demands and you should be able to hold your own.

What is the Average Time to Run a Marathon

The average time to run a marathon often varies by gender. It takes the average man around 4.5 hours to finish the marathon. It takes women a little longer to finish. They often finish in 5 hours and 10 minutes. The reason why many people enter the marathon is to achieve a personal goal or they are running for a good cause. Beginners may take a little longer to finish the race while experienced runners that are looking for a personal best may be able to finish it around three hours.

How to Train for a Marathon for Beginners

When you are beginning to train for your first marathon there are some tips that you need to keep in mind. You need to remember that a marathon is more about distance than speed so you should build cut your endurance when you are running. You should keep a log of your training. You should write down information such as your mileage and your time.

This way you can see how you are improving over your training. You should also look to increase the miles that you run each week. You should increase your mileage each week by around 10 percent. This will allow you to go further without overdoing things. When training you should have a few weeks where you tone down your workout. Every fourth week you should cut back on your training.

This will give your body the chance to cool down and will help you prevent injuries. When you are training you need to remember to focus on some strength training. Lean muscle mass can help you during your marathon run and can also keep your body going. You should focus on breathing and improving over time. You should work up your endurance as time goes on.

First Time Marathon Tips

If this is your first marathon there are some things to keep in mind. A marathon is more about setting a good pace rather than speed. You should not try to go as hard as you can when you begin to run. You can build up your pace over time. When you are training for the marathon you need to focus on other areas besides speed. You need to work on your endurance and your pace. This will allow you to finish the marathon rather than run out of energy from trying to overdo it.

First Time Marathon Training Plan

Before you begin training you should check with your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough for the marathon. On Mondays, you should allow the body to rest so you can prevent injuries. On Tuesdays and Thursdays are a day to run at a moderate to fast pace as the body gets used to moving. Wednesdays and Fridays should be dedicated to cross-training such as riding a bike or going for a swim for 30 to 45 minutes.

On one of these days, you should do some strength training to build up muscle mass and allow the body to become strong. Saturdays are a good day for a distance run. You can run at a slower pace and focus on your breathing. You should take it easy so that you can learn how to control your breath over long distances. Sundays is another day where you should focus on going for a run at a comfortable pace. You do not have to go as far on this day. The run should be enough to keep your muscles loose but you should not use all of your energy on this day.

How Long Will it Take To Walk a Marathon

Walking a marathon is going to take a long time.

Most marathons will allow a person to walk it but it will take them around 8 or 9 hours to finish this. If you are going to walk make sure you have enough energy to complete the entire marathon. Even if you do walk you are going to need to train so you can have the endurance to finish the entire thing. Most people choose to run some of the marathons and they can walk the rest so they complete it.

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