Steve Magness’ Site Where He Talks About Crossfit Endurance?

If so, feel free to send him some love too. He’s got 3 kids and one on the way! If anyone knows of someone who is interested in starting up a Crossfit Endurance Club or would like information on how to start one, please contact me through my website.

Here’s some more “Newsworthy” news…. I just competed at California Cup today for the first time this year (I missed it last year due to ankle surgery). I was super happy with my performance considering that it was one of my first races back since the beginning of 2014 after training camp/back injury. The course was choc full of hills, which is always ideal for me! The course went through the fire hydrant (with water spraying everywhere) where you had run out before hand. That slowed us down significantly but made the downhill section easier.. After getting through all these obstacles there were 2 long walls where you had to jump over them. Kinda fun though… lol My best time today was 4:42 followed by Plusey Stang ($500 prize money!) in 5:22 and Stoodfer ($1000 prize money!) with 4:38 as her 3rd beat… pretty good considering I weigh less than half what she does.. lol Here are some pics from our podium hurdle event with another great athlete these days that will be competing soon this spring!!! 🙂

What Is The Heel-To-Toe Drop On Reebok Men’S Crossfit Sprint Tr Training Shoe?

When measuring your feet, use a device that measures the length from the top of your longest toe to the bottom of your longest toe. You can then compare this measurement with other shoes you have in different widths and lengths. The best way to check for fit is when you have on both sneakers at once, standing side by side. If one shoe fits more snugly than the other, it probably will not fit you as well as another style or manufacturer’s model. You should also consider that most brands alter their styles periodically which means that there may be times that one size does not fit all. Always ask for assistance if necessary so you will get what works best for your needs and wants! This makes it easier to find the right pair of crossfit shoes if they do come in more than one size! Heel-To-Toe Drop Specification On Reebok Men’S Crossfit Sprint Tr Training Shoes

steve magness’ site where he talks about crossfit endurance?


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