Paleo And Crossfit How Long Before You See Results?


I love this post. I have been doing paleo since August of 2013, and have successfully lost 70lbs, but never felt healthier. These recipes are delicious, my staple baking items are from here and they help with occurrence of certain cravings/picky habits. I think she goes through a lot of work to share these recipes and how it’s almost like a study in malnutrition where the body adapts to prevent time loss because you are replacing good nutritious foods with junk. Do you know she has a web journal you can access for free at You should consider taking it out to view especially when you need encouragement. This often times will be where I begin my week in success…if not start it off right!! God bless

Hi Mindy – same here. But I did read in a comment about 1 or 2 years ago the type of ingredients he used might have been heavy or super concentrated (like almond butter). Other than that I can’t remember what all we kept in: jam instead of jelly, warm water instead of hot water even when we were travelling, and sometimes just boiled everything together if we were still on the road. It definitely works though because he stopped eating so much junk! No more sugar, no more baked goods (well none specific ones at least), and the list goes on! Thank you so much for all your hard work!

What Should I Eat Before A Early Morning Crossfit Workout?

If you’re having a hard time waking up early, here are a few food ideas to try before your workout. Protein – 1 scoop of Casein Protein+ with 1 quart of water. This makes for an excellent post-workout drink that will help repair and rebuild muscle tissue after the workout. The protein helps repair any microscopic damage done during a workout as well as build new muscle cells to replace those torn down during the workout. Not only is this perfect pre workout but it also tastes great! I have been drinking Casein Protein+ since I started CrossFit and never got sick of it. It’s not too sweet or too bitter, just right! Try drinking this as soon as possible so the nutrients from the shake can be absorbed by your body within 20 minutes from when you drink it, capping off what would have been a wasted start to your day (and why we should all be eating past 7:30am at least several times each week). Each day, spend about 10 minutes mixing and blending 2 scoops into roughly one quart (roughly 1 liter) of cold water – stir until blended and then let sit for 15 minutes before drinking it.

Starting Crossfit

paleo and crossfit how long before you see results?


Crossfit is not something that I had ever considered trying before I left for my year abroad in Thailand. It was something that there were a few people doing here and there at the time, but it wasn’t part of the daily habits of most Thais. I started Crossfit because I thought it would help me with my injury by getting more used to running again. As much fun as Crossfit was, though, I didn’t like how much running was required (both outside and inside). While looking into other options (heel lifts/strengthening exercises) once back in Thailand I found out about kettlebells…and Tori Keto pure Kettlebells were exactly what I needed! The first thing you notice when starting kettlebell training is the difference between hitting them side-arm versus front-arm (or overhead). When you use an object carefully, you don’t worry about hurting yourself; instead your focus is on doing everything safely. It transfers well to running too; if one leg gets tired then rest it while you wait for your other leg to catch up. With kettlebells you just need the same level of awareness – otherwise they will hurt your wrists or elbows! You also really have to stand up straight with kettle bells by taking a step forward rather than bending over! The transition from using shoes exclusively versus switching mid-run was so easy for me after throwing on some shoes specifically made for swinging Thoras