On The Crossfit Leaderboard For The Open What Do The Numbers Mean?



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Hero MemberActivity: 812Merit: 1000 Re: [ANN] Favorite Song to Lift Your Spirits Today! March 13, 2012, 03:27:36 PM #945 Quote from: lovesacanoosh on March 13, 2012, 03:09:04 PM I would say that waltz seems about right or just a little faster than that. Also what does the 60 minutes mean, I think it’s way too fast for me and I think his dancing is just crazy. He also seems like such a nice guy though even if he’s only 18 years old and all the surgeries can’t take away his looks. Too bad about him losing his leg but the amount of katieceneeses he posted after she died was pretty heart-warming. Glad to see he did get back up and running with crossfit and found love again with katieceneeses so at least everything ends well for this guy in my mind…anyway enough of that I’m sure other people know much better than myself how to interpret what these numbers mean based on who they’re made by (though maybe not their rise/fall charts). Anyways I do believe many music lovers will pick today’s song as lindy hoppers do dance pretty quickly while we stay standing instead of sitting down while doing dips or anything like that (unless

How Many Events On Day 4 Of Crossfit Games?

Six. Event 5 is the final event of the day. Each athlete will do one full clean and jerk, then jump into 15 sets of muscle-ups, just as they are starting on Event 3. Once that’s done, each athlete will have to complete their last two events for the day. “We tried to keep it very challenging for everyone with a long list of things to do in one place without any breaks,” said Lauren Fisher who served as event director at Air Force Base Phoenix during her 4 years there. “Once you finish your events you need to go straight back over there and start over again because they can only run two heats before they need to pack up early. But it definitely brought out some great performances. It was fun seeing athletes really try hard!” As each athlete finishes his or her heat he/she must return to this finish line where all six events are allowed per heat (meaning six athletes). Each competitor will also receive side-by-side scoreboards so that they may be more closely monitored throughout…

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on the crossfit leaderboard for the open what do the numbers mean?


did an amazing job of making the Regional staff seem like our friends, but NOT. If you can take your kid to work with you, DO IT! They do get tired and cranky very quickly (ours was almost 4 at 6:15). We all had a great time (Lizzie did not want her face painted because it turned out very “farmer-ish” lol), caught up with old friends, and got lots of cool tech stuff accomplished. It was really easy to plan while pregnant since I knew exactly what we were doing. I think it’s important that people don’t just go ’cause everyone else does – your kids are not necessarily going to LIKE what other people’re kids are saying – so take the opportunity to experience the fun atmosphere other people talk about. You probably won’t see outcomes down the road in every category where there’s only one kid/one thing happening at once, but I’ve noticed that when other things traditional-wise dominate your life for six weeks during Regionals, there may be some gaps in continuity in their overall healthy development as a holistic child or as a person later on – or worse. Ending on a note that is related more to social than athletic: Try and find those around you who would be supportive of another mom starting Team Leangains during Regionals haha! Others will understand if they don’t know what is going on behind closed doors 🙂