Mommy Why Am I Not Making Any Gains Crossfit?

Mommys Handy Girl-Being a 24-year old female, I have come to understand that my body is different from most others. You know, with all those differences of how I can eat and exercise compared to other females that are younger than me. Essentially it is just like the baby boomer generation that was born during the late 50’s/early 60’s who else has gone through menopause and yet they don’t even feel any different! So I must be special or unique? This makes me think – Is there really anything new for women in this area? How about we expand on what we already know and try something totally different. This may sound counterintuitive but sometimes change and improvement stems from something totally out of left field…a place we would never expect to find ourselves at. However as your Mommys Handy Girl , you know me well enough by now…I am not an ordinary mom; I run around like one as needed (and as long as my kids allow).

I had gained some weight myself after having Kaiser (last time); however after 3 years of having two young children back to back, my body wasn’t listening to me anymore on how best to handle life changes/stressors; therefore losing weight got crazy difficult (not fun!) and harder still without getting marathon sick every time I went on a run (damn!), whereas before stepping out the door, eating was never high up

What Am I Doing This Week? Crossfit! Meme?

Crossfit! Copy me guys, Crossfit is the way of life in my household. From waking up before dawn to run outside, to lifting weights (and refraining from looking at Instagram during it) there’s never a dull moment when your family includes people who love fitness and don’t take no for an answer. So much so that over 200 million Americans are now members of one or another form of fitness class. If you haven’t guessed yet (because you live in Washington D.C.), I am one of them! The concept is pretty simple, but it works like magic when combined with creative video editing skills. Check out this short video showing how easy it can be to get started: One things remains the same throughout all forms of exercise—the fact that none are “correct” makes it hard for anyone to truly beat themselves up if they feel like they aren’t performing their best ever minute under demanding circumstances. As long as everyone is getting at least five hours of sleep every night, training near enough every day, and eating properly most days then really who cares? Is what you’re putting into your body right for this? Or will you just feel slightly less terrible about yourself because your CrossFit achees x3 more intensely than they do? It’s a sacrifice we make willingly on behalf of the health and happiness of our families–it’s why everyone wants to be a part o’ us! To quote Kia

Gym – Crossfit Takeoff

mommy why am i not making any gains crossfit?


– CrossFit WODs I ran the 10k last Thursday and was SO happy with my time. It is something I have been anxious to do for a while now. My original goal, which has been funnelled into this one race of 3 months, had been to train myself up to the point where I thought I would be able to run a 5k in under 20 minutes……….. That “world record” still eludes me but it DID feel great to finally cross that threshold after all this time! If you’re a new or struggling runner feeling discouraged about your running or fitness goals, consider doing a 10k as your first race. You’ll get out there and have fun, learn some racing skills from those who are more experienced runners and build some confidence too – whether you PR or not, at least you’ve done one!