5 Best Marathon Training Books Reviewed 2020

Reading about running seems like reading what you already know. But there is so much to learn about running a marathon that you still need to learn from others. If you are a novice or a seasoned competitor, part of your marathon training should include the culture of reading marathon running training books.

books about marathon training

Running is placing one foot in front of the other, yet there are so many books about it. You can get your fill of meditation books and training manuals. But if you want a good book, you must read a powerful book. A book that will inspire and cultivate the culture of running in you.

These are five of the best reads for improving your marathon training plan.

Advanced Marathoning

When you aim to run a fast marathon, this book by Pete Pfitzinger has all the guides you need. The book carries the mantra of hard work and intelligence as the sacrifice for success. To run faster, you must train smarter. There is lots of information for running multiple marathons at your peak without getting injuries.

Regardless of what you want, you will get it if you stick to the program. It can be winning a half marathon, getting a personal best, or qualifying for an upcoming event.

The program prepares you for a single race or multiple racing events. It includes a rigorous day to day exercises that target to improve your weekly mileage. The book first makes you understand why and how the plan works. It keeps you motivated to read and know more about the scientific aspects of running.

You will learn about diet and the workouts you need to run a faster marathon.

Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide

There is a lot to learn from Hal Higdon’s training guide. The people who stand to benefit more are women runners, first marathoners, and all rookies. The book aims to get your mileage high, improve your speed work, and learn defensive strategies.

If you want to perform at your peak performance, following this ultimate training guide is essential. The author prepares mentally before, during, and after races. You get a training guide that builds you physically as well.

The book keeps reminding you that winning a marathon or getting your best time is attainable. All you need to have is the strength to finish the race. The book has a consistent message of why training the right way is essential.

You must have a good training program, follow a nutrition plan, and learn about injury prevention. The book is a good read for everybody, regardless if it is your first or tenth marathon.

Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness

Scot Jurek has practical stories that show the will to win. His achievements include winning the Western States 100 Seven times. He set the course record that lasted six years since 2004-2010. In his book, you will understand endurance and fascinating science that teaches how to go the distance.

Eat and Run will motivate anyone who reads it to explore with diet and to beat the odds. The odds can be getting the first run or testing your limits to know your potential. The book explains the author’s childhood as an influence on his achievements.

He is an ultra-marathon runner that states his strict diet vegan as his foundation for success as well. The book maintains that sticking to a reliable training program has its reward. The book also discusses personal stories. The author overcomes a sprain with a formula: rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

Jurek’s captivating experiences are all over the book. It captures effortless self-transformation.

Running Your First Marathon: The Complete 20-Week Marathon Training Plan

The author, Andrew Kastor, is a world-class coach and trainer. He knows what an athlete needs to do to cross a marathon line first. The book is an accumulation of observations from training many pro athletes.

If you want to run a full or half marathon, you will need this 20-week training program. It will show you how to have goals you can achieve, stay motivated, and get in shape fast. It is a book that highlights ways to build your endurance and strength with routine exercises.

The 20-week program has day to day objectives that you must follow precisely. The schedules capture your progress and point your strengths and weaknesses. By the time you reach marathon day, you will have a strategy on getting through the finish line.

The book does more than to inspire you. It will open your mind and let your body unlock all its hidden potential.

Daniels’ Running Formula

If you plan to run competitively, then you need to be in the best shape. Jack Daniels, author of “Daniels Running Formula.” A book that gives a running formula to make you a stronger runner and get the right intensity to run faster.

Daniel’s Running Formula has three programs you can choose. The red, white, blue and gold programs inspire you to regain your condition and run at your peak. The programs are not limited to running marathons only. You can get training for 800 meters, 1500 meters, 3000 meters, and cross country.

Each program has intensity routines to help you build speed, strength, and endurance. The advantage of the program is that it can fit a short training season. It comes with a score point system that makes you track your progress.

The formula easily adapts to your current fitness levels, and the intensity training gets you fit faster.

Running needs more than proper training and good shoes. You need the right training guides, and books to get elevated fitness levels, endurance, and speed.

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