Lost At What To Do For Crossfit Or?

In less than a week, the world of CrossFit is going to blow up with events from all over the country. You will be hearing about it on Facebook and Twitter. I’m inundated with emails every day from people asking for advice on what to do and where they should go so we decided we would put this break out there and let you know what we did. We live in World Class Fitness at 4300 S Nieman Rd., Oxford, Ohio and we were one of the first gyms in town–it took us 2 months to get there!! We had equipment that wasn’t even set up when we opened our doors on June 15! Anyway…we just want to share what worked for us that may work or not for someone else depending on your goals, budget, staff flow etc… but here goes….

At 12:30 pm Howard got me into my work out gear (shoes/wrist wraps/mitts) while I went through prep exercises..work sets of pull ups (I did 25), push ups (9-12 reps) and box jumps (max height and distance). By 1:00 am I was done working out for the day. That’s 3 full hours fitness time! Plus how many boxes can you jump??? As far as eating goes, here is my nutrition strategy; First I munch down Gatorade (5 packets per half hour), then peanut butter on toast broken into 4 pieces with

How To Watch Age Groups At 2019 Crossfit Games?

The 2019 Games will take place in Madison, Wisconsin and will be held from August 2 to the 4th. Every year the Crossfit faithful descend on Madison for a quick few days of competition and celebration. This year, you’ll be able to stream all of the action live online here at NBCOlympics.com. The NBC Olympics app also provides access during primetime, so fans can watch their favorite athletes compete in prime time when they’re not sleeping or playing with their kids. Some games go well into the night, but this year there won’t be much sleep going on at home because many people want to catch all of the action! Our schedule pages show what times each event falls across both Saturday night and Sunday morning. It’s important for fans to check out our schedules before finalizing plans for 2019 since days begin earlier than usual when Summer starts early July 4th weekend this year. In past years there were some late nights in Lake Placid between 10 p.m.-2 a m., but we think you’ll have more fun if you plan ahead and get involved! It’s going to be a great workout watching these athletes work it out for your viewing pleasure!

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lost at what to do for crossfit or?


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