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I’m not one who believes in the “live f%$#@& now, look back later” philosophy. I mean come on, I don’t see anyone at my age doing everything they are supposed to do for their whole lifespan because it wasn’t done today. However, if you believe that crossfit is helping you achieve your goals or becoming better fit overall then KEEP GOING! Crossfit isn’t always easy but over time it will be easier and after a while you won’t even need thought-of excuses because you will simply do what has become instinctual. So don;t give up too early and start this next week…

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How Many People Go To The Crossfit Games?

The Crossfit Open, which is the main qualifying tournament for the Games takes place in Santa Monica, CA. The top 50 men and women in each qualified region (worldwide) will compete to make it to the Crossfit Games in Madison Square Garden in New York City. After that 890 athletes go into preliminary competition and then another 150 go into actual competition at Madison Square Garden itself. Crossfit athletes who qualify by finishing anywhere from second to 15th receive a ticket to the Games, while the top 51 through 800th overall get a trip to Regionals where they can earn up to seven more tickets. Those with an inch of their toes on the starting line are some of history’s best-conditioned competitors; many have walked away from back-to-back-to-back competitions strong enough not only to make it out of themselves for life, but like Adam Kucklick say “beat up your old man” on his way out toward Brazil—if you find him first.

The CrossFit Games Event Guide

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The Open is the fifth event of the CrossFit Games. The sport-specific test in the Open uses the same format as that of other events, except quite significantly scaled down. Athletes are able to earn points towards qualifying for the Games through finishing in one of the top three finishes for their gender or through being among the top 25 overall CrossFit athletes worldwide. Any athlete not qualifying through either method has only two more chances to qualify in 2015 at Champs. For individual men and women this means attempting to beat their sanctioned regional times; regionally consisting of all organizations who have endorsed an athlete participating in North America, South America, Asia, Australia and Europe (see below). If all qualifying standards are met, there will be one (1) additional attempt for each sex at The Biggerys Paradise hosted event finals inside a sanctioned CrossFit League facility; this will then conclude with an invite only annual qualification process beginning with the 2016 Games and leading up to 2020 Games (if available). Each country can qualify a maximum of three athletes for each region per year: two (2) males and one (1) female [a total of four per gender]. Athletes must compete in both divisional qualifying events [i] separately before participating together as a team at The Biggerys Paradise event finals [ii].