Jacob Morris, Who Participated In The 2019 Crossfit Games, Passed Away On The 13Th Of December?

Travis johnson: yeah. yeah, he passed away this week and we’re very sorry to inform everybody and we will update his family when we get the chance. we want them to know we love them so much and we’re there for them through it all and i can tell you myself that following the games, my commander thought it was best that i come home early because there was a lot of different things going on with me right now

jessica cuddy: how soon exactly did he pass away?

travis johnson: it happened pretty quickly. in fact, he passed away before i finished getting ready for air force one. actually, while i was riding on the airplane there were a few people onboard who knew what had happened but nobody really told me until while talking to jimmy caldwell at the games because they didn’t think rob would make it quite yet but he made it into 26th place which is not an easy thing to do let alone be at number 26 out of 107 guys. again, our thoughts go out to his family and friends at this time especially because his wife will be leaving for europe tomorrow morning [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] so sad man so sad. superteacher elizabeth warren did a great job with her class during these games did a huge video about him doing 13 chin ups in 2 minutes 100 reps no pain last year

How To Prepare For My Crossfit Level 1 With Anxiety?

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jacob morris, who participated in the 2019 crossfit games, passed away on the 13th of december?


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