I’Ve Been Doing Crossfit For A Year – Why Is My Waist Expanding??

1 answer – i’ve been doing crossfit for a year and my waist is way bigger than it used to be and i’m over weight. what’s going on? 31 year old female

Why can’t I lose weight if I work out 5-6 times per week 1 answer For the past few months, 1 month before turning 40, I’ve noticed that my clothes are getting smaller because of all the added muscle (lost 30 lbs…) but… 38 year old male

I have been training for about 2months now in boxing and kickboxing. I have lost quite a bit of weight in just a few weeks. It seems that when i stop training my body wants me to eat more then anything in this… 1 answer Since starting my new workout regime I have already lost 25lbs but during the calisthenics training session yesterday when we were doing jumping jacks…

What Is The Best Speed Rope For Crossfit?

– If you want to be a better Crossfit athlete, there is no better way than to use a speed rope. A speed rope allows athletes to continue their training throughout the winter and also, during holidays and vacations. A sweat siren will not only increase endurance by building cardiovascular strength but also their muscles’ ability to absorb impact during exercise. Skill level development play an important role in improving your performance during exercise as well as skill acquisition through repetition. While it may seem like a great idea that using such equipment will rub off on the entire team, most gyms don’t include this item into their routines due to its expense and require other types of equipment before allowing players onto their “rope zone”. However, if you are serious about developing your own ability to rebound quickly after falling down or landing awkwardly, then purchasing one should definitely be at the top of your list.

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i've been doing crossfit for a year - why is my waist expanding??


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