It Was Clear That This Crossfit Was Crazy But When?

what? how? but wow, all I’ve done is sit on the couch throwing back beers and smoking cigarettes. However, if crossfit isn’t part of my life at this point I haven’t done it long enough to know for sure that this “craze” is for real or not.

As with everything in life there are good things & bad things about crossfit. While Crossfit has gained a great reputation for its high intensity workouts, injuries do happen almost daily while training in these gyms around the country. To make matters worse if the injury occurs during an important competition such as a triathlon it can be deadly as well making all those hours spent training worthless. Do yourself a favor and don’t put your health at risk by starting with this fitness regimen!

How To Get Started With Crossfit At Home?

Ok, so you watched a movie and you were really inspired. But I know how it is, you want to get started with Crossfit at home! So let’s make this easy. You can use youtube or Google videos to start your education on these great movements. Just search out the movements you want to learn and follow along with videos that show correct form for the movement. You can also get a few different weights from a local gym and get better at the movements by trying them multiple times using all of your body weight just because you want to push yourself. However, if you have access to weights then feel free to progress through weighted versions of the movements! For example-Kettlebell swings are really nice for shoulders & triceps while row variations help bring up heart rate nicely for cardio work. This photo is from Tabata classes where metabolic conditioning uses 20 seconds on/ 10 seconds off between each exercise which naturally helps bring up your heart rate in underneath around 80-90bpm (that’s pretty hard!). Once you know these exercises well enough, build one into class workout routines using circuits where all exercises are done back-to-back without rest in between exercises yet no more than 15 minutes long (some workouts last 30 minutes). Then in under 2 weeks add 2 stations (like pullups or burpees) again in under 2 weeks add 3 stations like press ups or wall climbs and continue building bigger and tougher workouts physiologically day after

Crossfit trend sweeps Saudi Arabia and these women can’t get enough

it was clear that this crossfit was crazy but when?


In a village in southern Saudi Arabia, the nation’s only female boxers train for a fight. Fighters around the world have been paying attention to what they call “the lady champions of Jeddah” since one of them started training two years ago. In their latest bout, Rania Alhussaini goes up against another woman this weekend—and hopes to take home an upset victory. The stakes, she jokes, are not high enough yet. Read more: Saudi Arabian women boxers seek gender equality through sport As Saudi women band together to defy restrictive rules and become fighters in their own right, a new study shows that U.S.-based fitness studios can help bring together groups of women from different backgrounds and cultures who work out together at least five times a week. That includes Sarajevo-based FitTrance which was founded in 2017 by Ana Reboiro and Teodora Andjelković to foster stronger friendships between women from across Europe while promoting health and wellness online through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It has grown into one of the largest fitness groups on Instagram with more than 50k followers who post about workouts each day with over 200 000 monthly visits to its website,