If I Wear An 8.5 Shoe, What Size Crossfit Should I Get??

I’m a 10 shoe size and i weigh 120 pounds. Looking at the chart it says that a 14 fits about right…im not sure what to do

Update: As of 1/14/2019, I have been informed by The Outdoorsman store the “Large” size I ordered for my son is too small probably due to exchange rates. They suggested I go with a 16 shoes as it should fit better. When you first try them on, they are snug but loosen up after some wear. That has happened to me also with most very good quality athletic shoes purchased in Canada so often enough that I know they will loosen up in time. Hope this helps others figure out what size they need for their child!

I am finding the best place to find sizing help is on Amazon where people are all over 16 years of age saying how great they fit and if it was true life changing tell everyone….so I thought okay let me just search athletic shoe then…..I found this site anyone want boots made smaller than 6X maybe about 5X good thing Jennifer here loves her crossfit olympic class…lol the wide footed love their new boots thanks Jen…because she said these were super comfy (wish i would send mine back)..hope this helps someone..lol

Right now your feet might be hurting, but once your feet become acclimated to the shock of running—and when you run barefoot—they won

How High Does Your Heart Rate Go During A Crossfit Workout?

I was an athlete long before I got into Crossfit, and it’s not uncommon for me to see my heart rate at 150 BPM when I run. That’s only during the hardest part of the run. My resting pulse is normally around 65 or 70 BPM (when I’m sitting still). Running that hard over distance would probably take my heart rate well past 185 BPM (and this isn’t even counting how high it goes when I do muscle-ups). How many people could handle that kind of work without passing out? What About Aerobic Work…Does It Take As Much Power As Crossfit Workouts? I think most people would be surprised to see the amount of aerobic work you need when doing Crossfit workouts. The type of weight lifting in these workouts is intense enough to tax your muscles, but then you have to recover with lots of push-ups, pull-ups, chins and lunges which will increase your body temperature and can really set your metabolism off. Some Crossfitters do aerobic work back at home after their crossfit workout in order to get in a little more conditioning, but they don’t often do much enough aerobics on their own outside the gym! Most people maintain their fitness by running or cycling on weekends—or if they are very involved with competitive sports like soccer or tennis, maybe they also do some form of resistance training like lifting weights once per week

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if i wear an 8.5 shoe, what size crossfit should i get??


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