If A Vegan Does Crossfit, What Do They Talk About First?

You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for being here. I’ve been doing these workouts for 3 months now and love them. We’re just starting the Core Fit Core Burn, which is similar to Core Power, but stronger. When I first started Crossfit it was more of a social thing with friends

What are your favorite WODs?

My biggest favorite is probably 2-milers or any where else there’s 10 minutes of slow running after (the longer you can hold times like this, the better). Some others would be Box Jump Overs (best workout EVER), Max attempts on 16″ box tires, whatever strength work we do thorughout the workout; run up stairs… They make me sweat every time. I also like Tabatas–those are killer especially when you’re fatigued like that post long run .

We haven’t gotten into how to modify any of our workouts yet–that may come later in our FAQ section. For now, since all your training advice is free anyway, if anyone has any questions about what changes they should make, please ask below! We will try to answer as many as we can both privately and publicly so everyone knows what works best for them!

How To Live Like An Elite Crossfit Athlete?

One of the most important things you can do to improve your performance and feel better about yourself is to become a better, healthier eater. By eating healthy at every meal and cutting out snacking on poor choices like candy and potato chips, you’ll be able to truly thrive as an athlete. It doesn’t mean that you have to completely cut sugar from your diet or give up favorite foods, but eating healthy will help keep you full at all times so that those late night cravings don’t lead too many people down a path of destruction. Here are three tips for how to eat like an elite crossfit athlete:


if a vegan does crossfit, what do they talk about first?


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