I Did Crossfit Once To See What Its Like To Be Gay?

i also did not have that idea that by being gay, i can’t be smart or athletic.

I was not aware that I am just less then the average at everything. Why did you choose crossfit? did it help to see what is right for you?

i did CrossFit because i wanted to get healthier mentally and physically. i wanted to know what helps me the most in every phase of my life. i want to be able to excel in sports AND become a much better person, why would anyone go through all these torture if its only supposed to make them look good? thinking this allows me to realized how much I need something like CrossFit because it gives me faith in myself and makes my mind stronger when confronted with all these struggles everyone has (at least where I live). When people see me working out… do they think ‘so-and-so must be struggling with his sexuality or he spends so much time alone in his room working out’? No, everyone thinks ‘wow! He works out well ! he looks healthy ! he seems confident ! thats awesome ! maybe someday I will start working out too”. That one thought made my whole week & gave me plenty inspiration for my workouts !! One word : PROUD 😮

Crossfit How Do You Progress With No Consistebch?

Trying to improve in an easy and safe way with no cons is impossible, in most (if not all) cases. You will need to put yourself under pressure, with some timed workouts. A lot will depend on your genetics and how hard you find it to get into the Zone state of mind during these times. And then you just have to hope that anything that happens can be used for further progress, such as having a PR or such at the end if it’s not possible to do both at once! Have Any Good Tips For Getting To The Next Level? Work harder than anyone else around you and never give up! Try new things: squats with dumbbells work really well and there are lots of other variations too.

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i did crossfit once to see what its like to be gay?


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