How You Feel After The First Week Of The Crossfit Open?

” the gym owner asked the new member. “Excited,” she said.

The problem with this narrative is that it completely ignores the reality of life as a CrossFit athlete (and especially at such an elite level). It’s possible to get excited about exercising and having fun — but we don’t live in a world where all you have to do is go out and work hard for six days a week and mind your diet. We don’t live in perfect circumstances, and every day we confront new problems: injury, illness, financial emergencies, relationships ending, people dying…the list goes on and on.

Because of these complexities — which you can read more about here — it’s necessary for us CrossFitter athletes to be able to manage our emotional states during training sessions by taking steps outside our gym at least once per day. This means having some kind of outside connection besides family or friends when training could make things easier for us mentally because our bodies are wired differently than most people I encounter in my daily life! For example: if someone crosses into my personal space or tries to intimidate me when I am in the middle of lifting weights in my home gym, I notice how uncomfortable it makes me feel when they walk away instead of explaining themselves after they say something rude like “Babe guess who could squat 500 pounds last night? Watch out! He lifted 500 pounds last night! You should hear him scream

Things To Give Your Firend Who Loves Crossfit?

Check your closet for old running shoes and give them to your friend. Put together a basket of healthy snacks like yogurt, nuts and fruits. Go shopping with it or save it in the fridge until you pick them up. Store less unhealthy food at home because they will be tempted to go out to eat when they want something sweet (and not surprisingly, all restaurants sell junk food). Consider options like: dairy free ice cream, vegan yogurt and whole grain granola bars that can be purchased in most health stores. You could also purchase individual protein shakes that don’t have artificial flavors or colors; we love Vega’s line of Shakeology supplements! Just remember to add healthy fat such as oil or coconut butter, so load up! Detox skin products such as Aveeno Soothing Relief Cream would also make a great gift too! Give her some extra love this holiday season by treating her self to these goodies because she’s one in a million and deserves it!


how you feel after the first week of the crossfit open?


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