How To Watch The Live Announcement Of Crossfit Open 19.1?″

There’s been a lot of speculation about the CrossFit Open announcement today… I have asked them to confirm there will be an announcement after the workout is over, and no matter what it is they always do so far. The WOD was November 1 at 10:00AM EST, but nobody can say for sure what’s going to happen after that!

However, I’ve also seen several forums speculating that you’ll see a live announcement from Casey up in Vermont instead late this afternoon or tonight. If she does end up announcing early then we should all take a picture and post it here on CFN to celebrate!

What Was First Ever Hero Wod For Crossfit?

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Best Adidas CrossFit Shoes

how to watch the live announcement of crossfit open 19.1?


, Check Out the Interview!!! Adidas has been a staple in many gyms throughout the world. It’s no wonder why it is so popular, being that they have highly-functional and durable shoes that will last through the fitness journey or just some running around after a workout or while going to class! Today we got a chance to check out some Adidas CrossFit Shoes. Each pair of shoes were a different style, but all had amazing materials and great functionality. Of course since our show is filmed at CrossFit South Tampa, we always get the chance to check out these incredible products on set! Watch Here: