How To Watch The Crossfit Games Regionals Online?

Currently you can watch all of the 2018 Regionals online. With a subscription to either DirecTV Now or Sling TV, you can watch it on your television through one of those services. Regionals is going to be huge battle and if the sport continues to thrive as a sport, we may start seeing more major tournaments in future years with prize money. It’s already taken off in Europe and Asia but now America has caught onto its potential as well.

So how do you sign up? Let’s go over each method: @CrossFit — crossfit (@crossfit) March 28, 2018

How Much To Register For The Crossfit Open?

For the 2016 CrossFit Games, there is one entry fee for all divisions. A separate registration fee must be paid for each individual event you are qualifying for. A team of three may register together, paying just one registration fee. All finalists will have their entry fees refunded. Here’s how to calculate the cost of your entrance fees: Individual Events (Men & Women): $125 (applicable to individual or team) Team Events (3 Males/3 Females): $575 (applicable to team), plus an additional $100 if each athlete does not make it to Regionals; remaining athletes will go into the overall Team Competition on Friday at The South End in St Petersburg, FL.


how to watch the crossfit games regionals online?


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