How To Use Facebook To Get People To Your Crossfit Event?

how to get more people to your site? How do you get people to YOUR weird ass event, or business, or whatever the hell it is you’re trying to sell?

The answer is simple. A good, solid Facebook event allows you to invite fans into your party. So how does that work? Let’s run through step-by-step using our “Paintball Extravaganza!” Event as an example…

Step 1) Put up a Facebook Event on June 25th at 10am! This is the first step in getting some action for your FB event. You tell Facebook when and where you want your party start time/end time set, along with what date it falls on (this leads us to Step 2). You can also include other details such as locations of course.. We suggest having the location listed so anybody who may be interested in attending can plan ahead and try not to stress out too much about missing out on this awesome party. If there are any special requirements such as age groups we recommend including that too just because we live in a world where people like things that cater towards their specific interests. Older kids need hobbies and this might help them out with their crappy skills…and if they want something nothing nothing wrong with putting together a skill-athon and inviting all generations ‘o family members under 18 years old over. Don’t make the whole day BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) or BY

Why Is Brooke Ence Not In Crossfit Games 2017?

Fans want Brooke Ence to be at the CrossFit Games, whether she is knocking out another epic workout or not. Crossfit has never forgiven coaches who choose not to compete in the Games at all events their teams qualify for, so it’s up to Brooke Ence and her coach if she wants to take this opportunity. If you follow Brooke Ence on social media, you see that she’s already proving herself even without a spot at the Games. She feels like there needs to be more women competing instead of just men these days, and she feels like if she was there it would encourage other girls and ladies across the world who may look up to her.

IRONMAN Coaching

Certification Program

how to use facebook to get people to your crossfit event?


IRONMAN Instructor Training IRONMAN Certified Instructors For the 13th time in a row, I have volunteered to be an Ironman aid station guide during IRONMAN events. Start aid stations are often the most physically demanding duty that volunteers perform and many people get injured or faint from overexertion while performing these duties. Because of this fact, we need to consider injury prevention and medical packaging appropriately for endurance athletes such as myself, who volunteer at these sites. With careful planning and selection of appropriate materials, available supplies and the right training regimen, we can lessen our risk of injury and reach our goals safely. Three years ago I started volunteering at the swim start outside the entrance to Kailua-Kona’s Port Slammin’ Stadium (Pachena Bay). The original design called for a metal building consisting of three levels; each level was required to be constructed before it could be used at other races on the island. The first two were designed by my co-worker Joe Colucci &tina Gagne with planning assistance from fellow volunteer Karyn Serrao . The third level was built by Jules Hickox , Colin Fields , Pippa Woodcock and myself using donation funding provided by fellow Volunteer Rick Flores . After constructing all three levels we were left without a place to store them so we converted two utility trailers into storage units outfitted with key switches so they would lock when unoccupied. This design worked well until