How To Take Care Of Your Hands During Crossfit?

you need to be careful with your hands. because you’re going hard, day after day, you can quickly get calluses on the palm of your hand. what are some tips for taking care of the callus between workout sessions? i use an oat scrubby to take off the callus and then use either blue loofah or cotton pads to help take off any dirt that builds up. also grabbed these little people gloves that actually come with a baggie that has gloves built into it so they won’t get yanked out during clean-up if they fall out of your hands. i figure once in a while is okay but keeping them in one place is key so they don’t get lost forever!


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How Should An Unaffiliated Crossfit Athlete Train For Competitions?

1. Eat Right To Improve Your Performance Eating properly is extremely important to provide optimal fuel your body needs for exercise of all types, including running and crossfit competitions. Studies have shown that runners of all levels perform better on days where they consume a larger amount of protein than carbohydrates, and carbohydrate-containing foods are usually preferred over protein-rich foods on race day. To meet your nutritional requirements, be sure you’re eating at least five to six meals per week that include fruits and vegetables. Additionally, avoid consuming more than one cup of caffeinated beverages per day, as this can cause inconsistent energy levels which will ultimately lead to poor performance in both exercise and everyday life. When choosing the right food it is recommended to choose low glycemic index (GI) or low GI foods like whole grains or brown rice which help control blood sugar levels throughout the day; this will also aid in preventing excessive glycogen storage in muscles which could potentially lead to injury if stored improperly.[8] Also try making some easy meals on your own like pasta dishes, sandwiches (make sure you use turkey slices not beef), oatmeal with fruit, or try some reduced fat yogurt for breakfast!

5 CrossFit Workouts You Can Do at Home

how to take care of your hands during crossfit?


The 3 Minute Workout (MOB) is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a workout that takes only 3 minutes, including warm-ups and cool-downs. This program requires no equipment, except your own body weight! Similar to the Military Press exercise above, the 5lb dumbbells are each shoulder width apart on the ground for this movement. Because you’re working with resistance bands they can be adjusted to any wrist weight. Bodyweight routines don’t need bells nor whistles–just good ol’ fashioned good form. Nothing fancy or expensive either; just some free weights and your favorite kettlebells will do fine! Whether you’re kicking off 2017 with some strength training or preparing for an upcoming race season , I’ve got 16 simple workouts perfect for your routine that won’t break the bank or take up too much time in the gym.” budget you have? Get $5 of FREE membership credit when you join today by using my special link ! You’ll get access to 20+ fun fitness videos right away + receive weekly emails full of new workouts , motivation, mental tricks & more! Don’t waste another minute — click here now…