How To Size Classic Equine Crossfit Front Boots?

we use the cps(consumer product safety commission) standards for sizing equine crossfit front boots. these are usually 3/4 length which is the distance from your fetlock to ground. measuring this can be done using a piece of string or tape measure. depending on how tight you need the boot fit, that will affect your size selection here. our standard fit is medium-wide welts, but if you need very narrow toe box go up one size, if are not sure what it takes, contact us and i will help you out 🙂

how do i know if my horse has an over pronation?

Overpronation occurs when your horses hooves roll excessively inward at rest or after galloping and causes pain and lameness in his rear legs. This condition can occur because: Poor conformation: too much “knuckling” (bulging) located toward front of feet – shallow coffin bone area Human induced: shoeing abnormalities such as unusually deep heel cuts Vestibular disturbance: Horses with tight shoes When horses have loose trimming they tend to overpronate as well as landing on their knuckle joints or heels too frequently. An easy way to test for overpronation by gently pushing your foot into the dirt while standing still with no weight on it – if there is bending towards you back leg then he may be struggling with this! If during switching sides, don’t forget to check him out again! Normally finding the right balance between keeping

How You Feel After The First Week Of The Crossfit Open?

I’m pleasantly shocked. This is the most intense workout I have ever done, and it has really challenged me. I’ve even surprised myself with how well I am doing on some of the things that are new to me, like running 10k or sprinting after a heavy lift. The pace of this marathon keeps getting faster as the weeks go by.It has been challenging mentally, but also physically. My hip flexors were actually hurting my first week of Open workouts until I figured out how they were tightening up randomly during runs so now they are fine. It is all mental though for sure!


how to size classic equine crossfit front boots?


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