How To Sign Up For The Scaled Crossfit Games?

At a CrossFit facility? Basic gym training?

My best friend is a pro athlete who has been in the sport for over 5 years, and she is also my inspiration. She used to work at a gym where I was going. Being from the east coast, it’s been hard for me to find gyms that do Open Gym (the crossfit classes people watch online). I’d heard of CFCF but didn’t know how to get there. But now I’m so excited! 🙂 Does anyone have any tips on how we can get started? We want to join either one in Beaverton or Hillsboro and try different types of classes.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated:)

What Do You Won If You Win The Crossfit Games?

Every Crossfit Games athlete receives a free T-shirt and a souvenir prize package, but there’s more. The top 100 male and female finishers in each division win thousands of dollars in cash and prizes. For the men, the top 15 places receive trophies, cash prizes ranging from $500 to $5,000 depending on place. The rest of the top 50 crossfitters get one-to-one skype sessions with Coach Glassman themselves or others that they choose (just like I did.) Runner up runners who do not make it to 15th get a trophy and $1,000. Finishing in 26th or better gets you an Eiffel Tower triathlon medal and another $1,200; 27th – 35th: another Eiffel Tower medal; 36th – 69th: Eiffel Tower medal plus spa day for two at Aspen Suites Hotels & Resorts; 70-100: A trip for four to Disneyland OR “anything CrossFit related” (Where monsters live?) And if that’s not enough then every athlete earns qualification for next year’s games by finishing either 1st or 2nd in their qualifying heat! Oh man I wish I was alive back when they used to give out diamonds too… What Are The Training Requirements To Compete In The Crossfit Games? Option A: 3 different workouts must be completed per week across 2 main movements at least 4 times

WODs – CrossFit Green Bay

how to sign up for the scaled crossfit games?


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