How To Register My Crossfit Gym At Open Registration?

Yes, the Open Gym is a great place to get started for people who don’t have a local CrossFit gym yet. We want everybody to be able to train while they go through their new programming and while they begin one of our premium programs that require a small fee or essay process.

How do I update my information?

It can take up to two days after your registration is complete until you receive an email from us regarding your activation. In this time please check your junk/spam folder on gmail or any other email provider you regularly use so you don’t miss out! Our instructor training workshops are also a great way just to get comfortable with all of the information we provide participants at the event. To see if there is a workshop near you click here: You can also contact us anytime direct about anything by calling Devon at (909) 923-3397 or Henry at (415) 560-4822 x108, by emailing or faxing 310-386-0577, visiting the site directly at

Crossfit What Does 3 Rounds 3 Reps Mean?

This weightlifting definition of 3 x 3 refers to the rep scheme used during a particular lift – in this case the squat – not the number of repetitions. So if you wanted to do 3 sets of 10 squats, you’d perform: 3 squats at 90-100% and then complete another 9 reps at 90-100% until that round is completed. Then move onto your next set. This would be 180 total reps or 1,440 for those with some maths ability! For those who are strong enough to go heavier on their sets, it can also mean performing as many as possible before exhausting yourself. In other words it means “max out” on each set rather than performing a “good” amount or 60%, 70%, 80% etc. The great thing about this is that no matter what the weight on any given day may be, your goal is always 100%. Set a certain number of reps first and then adjust weights if necessary but never drop below 100%. No one wants to use 95kg of weight next week when they have been hitting 140kg so keep working hard so you can still do an extra 5kg more on top of what your body naturally allows!

how to register my crossfit gym at open registration?


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