How To Qualify For The Crossfit Games 2016?

First let me say that you don’t need a lot of strength to get into the Crossfit Games. If you are lifting, swimming or running 3-5 times a week then all I have to say is you are covered! For everyone who has never heard about Crossfit? Watch this video by Phil Ross which shares why people participate at CFG!

I suggest checking out the men’s 4 city teams because it works well for us moms who have put life on hold for our athletes…we will be aiming to qualify in Humla, Lemhi Valley and Equador just like these guys 🙂 To do this we will need to focus but I know each of our own capabilities so one thing is sure, we will be prepared.

How To Train For A Rugged Maniac Without Crossfit?

[2:27] “I don’t want to sit behind a desk or do an office job,” Jay said, looking at the clock. “It’s too boring. But I do like working with my hands.” He got into injury prevention and rehabilitation through his work with deaf and hard of hearing people in high school — following that five-year gap in college that we all have — and ultimately tackled an internship for a local physical therapist after graduation. While he didn’t formally get down to training during this time, doing basic lifts and Olympic lifts with dumbbells attached to trees is where he began honing his technique on the way back from injuries. That phase lasted almost six years until he simultaneously injured both knees playing rugby two years ago. He was forced off of rugby for another 12 months before eventually making the decision to transition over to road biking full-time again last fall while getting fit enough to start competing again on the track, but soft-pedaling some of his workouts enough so as not to inhibit recovery between races by pushing himself too hard every week. Within a few months, he had placed second at national championships in both cycling and running using this technique while still maintaining an aerobic base on the bike through rides of 90 minutes on Saturday mornings [2:27]. Now, Jay has been able find stability on three wheels thanks in large part due to these workouts [5:00]. And today, she’ll walk us through her new favorite cardio sessions [10

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how to qualify for the crossfit games 2016?


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