How To Make It To Regionals In Crossfit?

I feel like a lot of people have a misconception about regionals. You can not just go to a box and qualify for regionals. It’s only the top 50% of your box at the end of the year who will qualify, so really it’s going to be whoever has been going hard in the gym throughout the year, but also competing in events across the country.

Q: What is your favorite part about being a coach?

My favorite part is that no matter where I am I have my phone on me and coaches are always free to message me with questions or anything they want because everyone gets lives busy even during competition season!

Crossfit How To Kick Up To A Wall?

How To Kick Up Against A Wall? How to do an overhead squat with kettle bell in one hand! Lifting Cones is a great way to build overall strength and, more importantly, how you look when you are training. These are inexpensive but work wonders! Seriously, what good are they if your afraid of them? Do them when traveling or doing activities that require upper body strength for sure. Almost anyone will be afraid of the wall when they try this!! I know so many people who have said ” I am not doing anything stupid by trying this?” No way! Like it says on the video I have “AMAZED” so many people by showing up at their front door smiling because my trainees were able to do it!!! I love serving others!!!! I am pretty awesome at being awesome! 🙂

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how to make it to regionals in crossfit?


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