How To Make 100 Lb Slam Ball Crossfit?

I am in the US Navy and we use the 50 lbs and do what is called a “Slam Ball” to warm up. Its also used in gymnastics when I was in Germany. The last thing we want to do is tire out our bodies before getting into strenght training. We always take it very easy with this, maybe 5lb to start off with, then moving up from there. Was wondering if crossfit has a similar hyperextension type movement that would be good for us? I have been trying to learn how to get my legs stronger again after years of begging them … Read More »

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How much weight should you add per month on a slam ball??

I don’t recall seeing anything too specific, just all the stuff you could do,but check your local Y or other gym for an easier way IN or one that will let you train during non operating hours..don’t forget it’s still … Read More »

Why Do Crossfit Games Have Tape On Their Backs?

You may have seen this before, but what is it? It’s tape. Crossfitters, like most athletes that work out in the gym, use weightlifting belts to ensure they don’t strain their lower back or other muscles while lifting heavy objects. But what about crossfitters who do Olympic lifts? Even men who lift huge amounts of weight often opt for wearing weightlifting belts during certain lifts like squats and deadlifts. So why do you see so much tape around the backs of some athletes faces (generally male) at the box? Nobody knows for sure; however, many people believe it’s either due to injuries caused by poor form during training or because these men are having terrible experiences with women during workouts. I personally think it could be both since you rarely see female crossfitters using face masks (I’m not saying they don’t exist; perhaps there is a silent voice speaking to them telling them they’re ugly), and if these same girls were getting hit on all day long by douchebags and athletes alike wouldn’t they want something to block those threats from coming their way too?!

7 Beginner-Friendly Crossfit Workouts For Home That Will Take Your Fitness Game Up A Notch

how to make 100 lb slam ball crossfit?


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