How To Lose Gut If Doing Crossfit 4 Days A Week?

Does anyone know of a good website that gives you daily logs of what you eat and how many calories/hour you burn while exercising on a regular basis? I am using Fitness Blender, but it doesn’t help me much or is not user friendly. Thanks!

What foods help with loose stools in early pregnancy?

I’m pregnant and the only thing my doctor would do for me was give me Lactulose’s. And she told me to take them everyday for my loose stool even when they worked sometimes i had to take 2-3 scoops just so it didn’t return. I’ve been laxening with these tables and doing all the right things since then and still having this problem with freezingly cold clean feeling stools up until now ( which were taken away the day before) the past two days. Also my stomach is bloating out way too much these last few weeks…i haven’t ate anything every night after work like i normally do, but i still feel like maybe something else might be going on…other than this thought process…Is there anything else im forgetting? Im at my wits end…please help!! 🙂

Struggles You Encountered And How You Overcome Them In Crossfit?

I learned through experience in CrossFit that there’s no way to prepare yourself for the things you encounter in this sport, especially when it comes to the mental aspect of the game. It is hard, physically challenging, mentally taxing and at times emotionally draining. That being said I don’t think anyone can say they know exactly what they are getting into until they get into it. The more experienced athletes look at someone who has only been doing CrossFit for a year or less and wonder if they even have any concept of what difficulty truly is. A lot of them are shocked by how far you have come along so quickly after starting out. None of us start strong or come together with an idea on where we want to be down the line, but each day it gets better little by little as long as you’re committed to making progress on some level every single day. What Are Your Physical & Mental Stats? PHYSICAL STATS: Strength- 11RPMs Clean & Jerk 160kgClean & Jerk 135kgBody Comp(W/SPARITA)- 62kg | 62%Body Fat- 12% | Low Cardio BaseOverhead Squat- 200kg x 5 x 2Overhead Squat w/ Hold @ 3rd Set Reps – 300 kg x 5 Overhead Squat Out Of The Rack w/Load – 100 kg “Giant”(x10)Box Jump (30 sec): 285cmDumbell Bent Over Row (20

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how to lose gut if doing crossfit 4 days a week?


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