How To Lace Your Tennis Shoes For Crossfit?

. When I was preparing for my first marathon, I could never find a lacing system that would keep the shoes tight and snug without hurting my feet.

While running, I’d be wiggling in pain trying to make sure the shoes wouldn’t slide off while I ran. Eventually, because of the loose laces and high arches on my feet, both eyes were bleeding and swollen shut by mile 4 of my first marathon! Running with tennis shoe support is crucial if you plan on aiming higher than 5:00/mile or just want to run long distances. The higher arch encourages your foot to pronate (roll inward) instead of supinate (turn outward). This movement allows your foot greater grip for terrain obstacles such as rocks and hills which can encourage stubborn injuries such as plantar fasciitis or runner’s knee. And lets not forget about injury prevention when it comes to supporting your foot during an intense workout!

Here are a couple ways that high arched runners tend to fail miserably at crossfit WODs:

The lace keeps sliding around mid-workout causing blisters/calluses/repetitive stress injuries This happens when the shoe fits too small. Sometimes an incorrect fit makes it impossible for you to force your toes into position correctly. If something isn’t right with the fit it doesn’t matter how good your technique is if you can’t get any traction from

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Dees and Captains: If you’re not familiar with CrossFit, here is a brief description of the program. CrossFit training focuses on core movements such as snatch, clean and jerk, high pull, push press and squat; endurance exercise such as rowing (row) and running (Fran); mobility work such as power cleans; gymnastics like handstands, push presses and muscle ups; weightlifting variations including thrusters and snatches; Olympic lifts like Clean & Jerk and Snatch to name just a few. It is slightly different every time we show up at class because there are no two classes that use the same exercises. Each class could be three hours long if we do all the possible combinations in each period so all classes change often. CrossFit was created by Greg Glassman after he left the U.S. Navy SEALs in 1987 looking for something new to do in his life. He had worked out hard during his 14 years of service but felt let down when it ended by what was offered after leaving the military while challenged by post-9/11 lifestyle changes he encountered while living in Japan while working at DynCorp. In 2001 he received permission from Mr Edward G Ettish who owned a gym in San Diego called “Ohana Training Center” to open another gym using many of Ohana’s techniques where our family roadtripped from Idaho Falls to attend his first fitness competition coming away with 10th place

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how to lace your tennis shoes for crossfit?


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