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what is this? who told you to do this, and why did they tell you to do it

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How To Do More Crossfit Styled Workouts At A Traditional Gym??

Crossfit looks like shit when performed at a gym. Crossfitters are unknowingly unknowing members of the diabetogenic cult, whose chosen method for staying in shape is to try to keep their glucose levels in check by avoiding carbohydrates, including sugar in any form or source, except honey. If you think that’s absurd then you obviously haven’t been paying attention. DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN TO YOU!!!!!! No, seriously… Don’t let it happen to you! Do not allow yourself to become an adherent of this diabetogenic cult. You are your greatest asset and your greatest supporter! You deserve better!!! Never let anyone tell you any different! A self-sufficient life will always be more satisfying than one lived dependent on someone else!

Crossfit workouts at home

how to improve my conditioning for crossfit discussion board


In the gym you’ll find a wall with dry-erase whiteboard, and hardly anyone writes on it. This is not because the board has nothing to say, but because no one knows how to write on it. In fact, that’s the real purpose of the blank whiteboard – to give everyone a chance to make mistakes! Everyone can improve their writing skills by using this space as a helpful source of improvement. Sometimes I tell my students at WOD Performance & Performance Analysis classes that half their job in gym is simply making mistakes. And if they don’t make any mistakes, they don’t do anything new! But there are many ways to get better at writing! Here are some resources for you: